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SEKT has lurked in its cellar venue (Alcazar) in Stockholm since the fall of 1999. Our ambition has been to create two things, both a forum for the most forward-looking musical and performance art and a relaxed locale where artists, musicians, and audiences can just hang out and meet one another.

Nothing is too pretentious for SEKT. But nothing can be too banal either. We let attitudes, genres, and art forms crash into each other. And sometimes, we get wholly unexpected results. Each SEKT evening has 3-4 live or recorded acts for stage or screen. All performances are short, sometimes just fragments.

SEKT is a reaction to a cultural vacuum. But also to watered-down populism and sleepwalking elite culture.
Therefore, our motto is: expand your head! And each SEKT proves anew that you don‚t actually have to be happy to have a good time.

Contact the SEKT leaders, Ragnar Berthling & George Kentros, if you want to learn more about SEKT:

Mailing Address:
Kulturföreningen SEKT
c/o Berthling
Hagagatan 28
137 40 Stockholm

Or come by and visit us some Monday at:
Kilen/Kulturhuset, Sergels Torg

SEKT is produced by Stockholms Stad, Kulturhuset, & Kulturföreningen SEKT.